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Jun 27, 2022


What - or who - could be lurking in the dark Wisconsin woods at night? Is it a beast? A werewolf? Something else? It may seem easy to dismiss these reports as overactive imaginations or even an animal...

Jun 20, 2022



The Bible mentions speaking in tongues, but what is it and why does it occur? This week Zach shares stories of people speaking in tongues and presents them up next to the scientific investigations...

Jun 13, 2022



There are hundreds of enormous drawings in the deserts of Peru that can only be seen from the air, and no one seems to know why they exist! These intricate designs were made by removing a layer of...

Jun 6, 2022



N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a Schedule I hallucinogenic drug that occurs naturally in some plants but also in the human brian. The effects of DMT are varied but often leads to experiences where the...