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Jul 25, 2022


Why are UFOs so interested in our nuclear technology, testing, materials, and fallout? This week Tim shares some truly terrifying and borderline unbelievable stories about the strange interest UFOs...

Jul 18, 2022


What exactly are false flags and what do they have to do with something called Operation Northwoods? This week Tim dives deep into a real actual government program in which the CIA planned to commit...

Jul 11, 2022


This week we revisit a CLASSIC episode from Season 1!

Is it a case of drunk college kids acting dumb or an organized group of serial killers? This week Zach and Tim get their feet wet and wade into the...

Jul 4, 2022


What's lurking in the murky depths in the land of 10,000 lakes? Monsters? A prehistoric creature? Something else? In the first half of the show Zach shares stories of the infamous Peppie; a Loch...