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Aug 29, 2022


Leslie Kean published a groundbreaking book in 2010 detailing reports of the UFO phenomena by government officials around the world. This week the boys look at the observations, findings, and mysteries...

Aug 22, 2022


How could a human body possibly burst into flames without any source of ignition? How could it possibly burn hot enough to reduce itself to ash while leaving the surroundings completely unscathed?...

Aug 15, 2022


On December 8th, 1980 Mark David Chapman fired the bullets that killed John Lennon outside his home in New York City. His motives for doing so remain at best confusing. Was he a deranged fan? Was he...

Aug 8, 2022


Few ancient structures are as mysterious and awe inspiring as the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire England. Who built it? When was it built? Why was it built? These are only some of the questions that...

Aug 1, 2022


The idea that the Earth has magical and mystical energy lines running through it is not a new idea, but where did it originate and is there any truth to it? Are Ley Lines part of an alien highway? Are...