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May 13, 2024



From the desolate plains of Texas to the fjords of Norway, and the vast outback of Australia, strange lights dance across the night sky.  This episode dives into the captivating enigmas of the Marfa Lights, Hessdalen Lights, and Min-Min Lights. We'll hear firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses, their chilling descriptions, and the lingering questions that fuel the fire.  But science isn't taking a backseat! We'll explore the various scientific theories attempting to explain these phenomena, from geological oddities to atmospheric phenomena.  And for those who believe there's more to the story, we'll delve into the realm of the paranormal, exploring potential extraterrestrial explanations and even ancient folklore.  So, grab your flashlight and join us as we investigate these unexplained lights – are they earthly anomalies, messages from beyond, or something else entirely? Tune in and illuminate the mystery!


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