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Feb 27, 2023



In this episode, we explore the fascinating world of glitter and its many uses. From crafts and DIY projects to makeup and fashion, glitter has become a ubiquitous element in many aspects of our lives. But who is buying all the glitter, and what is it being used for?

We dive into the data and discover that the majority of glitter sales come from the crafting and beauty industries. However, the use of glitter extends beyond just these areas, with industries like textiles, food, and even automotive incorporating glitter into their products.

We also take a closer look at the environmental impact of glitter, including the microplastics it creates and its potential harm to marine life.

Finally we dive into all the possible industries that might be buying up all the glitter. Is it the defense industry, food and cosmetics, or something more sinister. 

Tune in this week to find out!