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Feb 26, 2024


Join Tim and Zach as they delve into the chilling true story behind the Mothman Prophecies. In 1966, the sleepy town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, became ground zero for a bizarre wave of paranormal activity. From menacing Men in Black to unidentified flying objects and unsettling prophecies, the town was gripped by fear. But the man-sized moth with glowing red eyes, while certainly eerie, was just one piece of this otherworldly puzzle.

This week’s episode explores the unexplained phenomena that plagued Point Pleasant for 13 months, culminating in a tragedy that continues to resonate today. Was it a harbinger of doom, a paranormal convergence, or something entirely different? Tim and Zach unpack the layers of mystery, drawing connections to broader themes of folklore, government secrets, and the unknown.

Tune in for a thrilling journey into the heart of Appalachia, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs.