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Apr 1, 2024


The Shroud of Turin has long fascinated both historians and the religiously devout. It is purported to be THE garment that Jesus’ body was wrapped in after his crucifixion. What makes it so strikingly unique and altogether baffling is the image of a mad seemingly burned into the fabric of the cloth.

The first record we have of the Shroud of Turin comes from the middle ages, and even since its earliest known days controversy has followed in its wake. Some believe “whole cloth” the Shroud was touched (literally) by the hand of G-d. Others, being slightly more skeptical, believe this was the work of a talented trickster.

The Vatican, along with a group of curious scientists, decided to radiocarbon date it and put any confusion and mystery finally to rest. Your interpretation of what happened next is likely going to be a result of your faith and background. Needless to say, rather than removing the unknown, the church inadvertently made the mystery of the Shroud of Turin much larger than they ever expected. Tune in and let us know where and when you think the Shroud originated.


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