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Nikhil Hogan Show

Oct 27, 2020

I’m so pleased to introduce my guest today, musician, vocalist and bandleader Emily Miller. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, She is the Creative Director for Boston Common Entertainment and Her debut album, "Stronger Every Day" was released in August 2020.

0:37 What are your earliest musical memories?
2:39 How young were you when you started formal lessons?
3:50 Were these classical piano lessons?
6:48 Describe your first voice lessons
8:58 What kind of music were you listening to growing up?
10:42 Were you always singing all the time?
11:39 What is your vocal range?
12:54 What does it mean when a singer is said to to have a multi-octave range?
14:23 Middle School Gospel choir experience
15:18 Did you do much sight singing?
18:50 How did you get introduced into jazz?
20:57 What sort of repertoire did you do?
23:57 How much can vocal training in a day can the human body take?
27:57 High school to Berklee College of Music
30:17 Berklee College of Music
34:52 Development at Berklee
38:27 The competitive nature of singers
43:38 Private instruction while doing choral training
44:24 What do you make of all these different singing methods out there?
47:34 How about your private instruction in Berklee?
48:56 What reforms would you suggest to make the department enrollment stricter?
49:30 What should you look out for in a good teacher?
52:10 Can adults learn to develop a nice singing voice?
53:32 New Album - Stronger Every Day
59:00 How do you feel, having completed your debut album?
59:57 Where can you listen to the album?
1:00:19 HOT SEAT - React to famous singer names
1:01:44 Top 3 Jazz Standards
1:02:16 Top 3 Male and Female Singers
1:03:46 What do you make of singers taking bebop melodies and adding words to them?
1:04:25 Top 3 Albums
1:04:54 What are the 3 hardest songs you’ve ever sung?
1:06:19 If you could collaborate with anyone in history, who would you work with?
1:07:51 What advice would you give to 20-year old Emily Miller?
1:08:51 Wrapping Up