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Nikhil Hogan Show

Jun 20, 2022

0:00 Start 
1:34 How has the book, "The Solfeggio Tradition", been received? 6:43 Italian solfeggio explained in 4 minutes 
11:41 Should children delay singing solfeggio until their voice has broken? 
14:15 Did 18th-century plainsong sound more like galant music rather than medieval music? 
16:10 What about Palestrina? 
19:35 An example of a lesson in Italian solfeggio 
22:33 How do you learn to accompany a melody line by sight with the correct harmony? 
28:00 How do you follow the rules of counterpoint when switching between hexachords? 
32:33 How do you know when there is a change of syllable vs a continuation of a melisma? 
34:57 Does the appoggiatura take the target note's syllable or have its own? 
36:20 Up 4th Down 5th Bass Motion in Italian Solfeggio 
37:19 Mozart improvisation solfeggio lesson (K. 545) 
41:19 Notation is the curse of the modern musician 
48:02 Did Mozart know Italian solfeggio? 
51:10 Why did the Germans complain about the Italians keeping solfeggio as a trade secret? 
53:11 Were violinists like Paganini, Corelli and Vivaldi familiar with Italian solfeggio? 
57:11 Did the Italian Maestros abandon teaching solfeggio syllables if the students struggled with pitch? 
59:11 Did Italian solfeggio completely die out in the 19th-century? 
1:00:49 Did Italian musicians think of the bass in terms of solfeggio syllables? 
1:05:56 What was the 18th-century Italian understanding of Keys and Tonality? 
1:09:02 What are good solfeggio manuscripts to practice to with and how much proportion of time is spent worrying about syllable placement vs actual singing? 
1:12:10 Do we have access to 18th-century plainchant that doesn't sound like medieval music? 
1:17:19 Is there any value to practicing solfeggi exercises with "Ah" even if we don't know which syllables to use? 
1:18:45 What are your favorite solfeggi collections? 
1:19:46 What's your opinion on Johann Fux and his method of teaching counterpoint? 
1:21:19 What do you think of Nicola Sala's counterpoint treatise? 
1:22:39 How does your solfeggio expertise inform the way you would teach partimento? 
1:25:08 Are those manuals of singing by maestros who changed to Fixed Do still useful for learning diminution? 
1:25:57 What's the state of Italian solfeggio research today?