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Nikhil Hogan Show

Aug 1, 2023

0:00 Intro

0:36 Start

1:26 When did you start your YouTube channel, and when did you shift from recording performances to research into Whole Beat?

6:22 Which composers used the clavichord?

9:01 Did playing the Clavichord change the way you played Organ?

11:06 What is the Clavichord's touch like?

12:55 Piano vs Clavichord

18:21 What if we had to reconstruct jazz without having access to any sound recordings but rely only on written transcriptions

30:21 Weren't there musical mechanical clocks during Haydn's time that captured authentic 18th-century musical performance practice?

34:22 What is the Whole Beat Metronome Principle (WBMP)?

36:45 Wim responds to people playing Czerny at single beat tempo

47:18 If Whole Beat is true, why do students and eye-witnesses of the great composers play so fast?

54:31 Was Beethoven's metronome broken?

57:56 Don't the flyers and concert bills that advertise the concerts of these composers invalidate Whole Beat because the concerts would be too long as opposed to their actual advertised length?

1:03:11 What has been the general response to your research overall?

1:08:57 Injuries: The unspoken dark side of performance careers in Classical music

1:14:55 Beethoven recording gets canned because the musicians' careers got threatened

 1:15:48 The most powerful classical music agent Ronald Wilford wouldn't allow Cyprien Katsaris to record/perform piano transcriptions if under contract

1:16:22 What does Wim think of partimento and classical improvisation?

1:20:46 Wim's favorite composers

1:23:13 Great compositions sound great slowed down, maybe even better than how they are typically played fast today

1:30:46 Whole Beat can't work because vocal music is impossible if singers have to hold notes that long

1:38:42 Carl Czerny: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:38:46 Beethoven: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:38:50 Mozart: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:39:04 Franz Liszt: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:39:14 Did Paris Conservatory graduates historically think in terms of Whole Beat?

1:39:28 Alkan: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:39:39 Tchaikovsky: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:39:49 Rachmaninoff: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:40:54 Debussy and Ravel: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:43:50 Rimsky-Korsakov and Stravinsky: Whole Beat or Single Beat?

1:44:13 What tempo should people play Bach?

1:45:23 Wrapping Up

1:47:10 Outro