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Nikhil Hogan Show

Oct 25, 2019

We have a very special guest here today! Daniel Spreadbury, who is the Dorico Product Marketing Manager is here today to talk about Dorico 3, the latest update to Steinberg’s music notation software program.


1:01 Talking about condensing
3:19 Do you have a grand plan for features?
4:20 What kind of modern technology is being utilized in Dorico?
6:29 How many people work in the Dorico programming team?
8:00 Will the condensing feature be refined in later updates?
9:41 Soundiron’s Olympus Choir Micro integration
11:20 What’s the state of playback?
13:51 How’s the reception with Note Performer?
15:12 What’s your pitch to someone on Sibelius to switch to Dorico?
18:13 Talking about Alan Silvestri’s interview and are there other composers who use Dorico?
19:34 Is Dorico seeing more adoption in education?
21:01 With the excitement around Partimento, is figured bass on the radar for the next update?
23:12 What sort of learning materials can a new user find to improve their skill with Dorico?
24:57 Are some of the videos on the YouTube channel out of date?
26:10 What’s a common question that you get all the time that’s actually an easy fix?
28:57 When’s the next update? What’s the pipeline for 2020?
30:33 Wrapping Up