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Nikhil Hogan Show

Mar 21, 2019

My guest today is legendary Jazz Guitar Virtuoso and Composer, Jimmy Bruno!

At the age of 19, Bruno became the youngest member of the Buddy Rich Orchestra touring the world and this led to engagements in the orchestras of Frank Sinatra, Anthony Newley, Doc Severinsen, Lena Horne and many more.

Over the years, he has shared the stage with a who's who of legendary and highly regarded musicians: Joe Beck, Bobby Watson, Jack Wilkins, Tal Farlow (at Farlow's 75th Birthday Concert), Howard Alden, Christian McBride, Curt Elling and many more!

Jimmy has recorded over 13 critically acclaimed CDs, including "Sleight of Hand," "Like That," and "Polarity" (with Joe Beck). His most recent CD "Maplewood Avenue”.

Downbeat magazine in 2009 — named Jimmy as one of the top 75 guitarists of all time!

As a music educator Bruno is the creator of the independent online jazz guitar school - The Jimmy Bruno Workshop.


2:07 - Talking about his father who played on the hit "Guitar Boogie Shuffle"
2:09 - Influence of musical family
3:26 - Were you drawn to the guitar?
4:10 - Do you have perfect pitch?
4:31 - How much help did your father give in learning the guitar?
5:45 - Influence of Philadelphia on your development?
8:50 - Did your father know many famous musicians?
9:31 - How did you end up practicing violin etudes on guitar?
11:00 - Was Armando a classical musician?
11:41 - When did you learn to improvise before taking jazz lessons with Al Stauffer?
15:48 - Why Al Stauffer was fond of Jimmy
15:59 - Why would a guitar player take lessons from a bass player (Al Stauffer)?
17:28 - Dennis Sandole and Al Stauffer student rivalries
19:14 - What do you think about guitar tablature?
20:05 - Are you a good sightreader?
23:42 - How long did it take to improve your sightreading?
25:13 - Why was Buddy Rich throwing drumsticks at auditioning guitarists?
28:30 - World Tour with Buddy Rich
29:28 - Personal relationship with Buddy Rich
31:10 - Having a good hardworking attitude while working with Buddy Rich
31:54 - Was Buddy Rich the greatest drummer of all time?
33:24 - Working with Frank Sinatra
35:53 - Transposing Songs
37:07 - Frank Sinatra to the Italian-American community
38:26 - Working with Liberace
40:32 - Did you get to talk or hang out with Liberace?
41:39 - Talking about Hank Garland
42:53 - Personal relationship with Hank Garland
43:49 - Talking about Tal Farlow
44:36 - How big are your hands?
45:00 - Talking about Joe Pass
45:57 - Joe Pass Stories
47:20 - What did Joe Pass think of your playing?
48:38 - Talking about George Benson
50:17 - Hot Seat: Top 3 Jazz Guitarists
50:44 - Hot Seat: Top 3 Jazz Pianists
50:50 - Hot Seat: Top 3 Jazz Drummers
50:59 - Hot Seat: Top 3 Bass Players
51:10 - Hot Seat: Top Saxophonists
51:29 - Hot Seat: Top Trumpet Players
51:40 - Hot Seat: Top 3 albums that you've recorded
51:53 - Hot Seat: Proudest Musical Moment
52:00 - Playing Moonlight in Vermont for Johnny Smith
52:36 - Economy Picking vs Alternate Picking
53:53 - How do you develop perfect technique?
54:47 - What's your opinion of Berklee Chord Scale Theory?
55:13 - Talking about Barry Harris trashing modes
55:34 - What's the best advice to be a good musician?
56:25 - How do you develop a good ear?
56:49 - Upcoming projects