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Nikhil Hogan Show

Dec 13, 2018

Our guest today is the renowned composer, oboist, poet and teacher Samuel Andreyev!

Andreyev studied composition with Allain Gaussin in Paris, then at the Paris Conservatory, where he obtained a masters degree in composition under Frédéric Durieux, and a prix d’analyse under Claude Ledoux. He also studied electroacoustics at IRCAM from 2011-12. His composition Night Division was awarded the grand prix of the Concours Henri Dutilleux in 2012. In the same year, he was awarded a one-year residency at the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid.

Frequently sought after as a guest lecturer, Samuel Andreyev teaches privately and in many conservatories and universities across Europe and North America.

Samuel Andreyev’s music is performed throughout the world by ensembles such as Esprit Orchestra, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, les Percussions de Strasbourg, HANATSU miroir and many others. His most recent book, The Relativistic Empire, was released in October 2015 from Bookthug. His most recent potrait CD, ‘Music with no Edges’, was released by Kairos Records (Vienna) in October 2018. Finally, Samuel runs his popular YouTube Channel also contains interviews, music analysis and music.

Chris Dzengelewski and I ask Samuel about his music, his style of composition, his views on the contemporary music of today and much, more!