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Gut + Science

Mar 21, 2019

Introducing #Insights, an original series from Emplifythat explores extraordinary advances in people performance and business outcomes through workplace science and...well, insights.

You’ll learn from Emplify CEO and Co-founder Santiago Jaramillo (@santiagojara) as he discusses culture and engagement - and takes a deep dive into the specific questions that are top of mind for people-first leaders.

Nicole MacLean (@nicolemmaclean), Director of Relationship Marketing at Emplify, will be your guide as we learn from Santiago on how to breakdown culture myths, redefine employee engagement, and give perspective on how to implement and measure change - helping you achieve real business results.

The goal of this series is to give you new ways to think about your people, culture, engagement, and all the other buzzwords that get thrown at you in today’s workplace.