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Gut + Science

Jul 12, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Drive Engagement By Connecting: When sending out surveys, talk to your employees first to get their input on what questions regarding engagement matter the most. Set aside time each week and commit to organic conversations with staff - innovation cannot exist without an engaged workforce.
  2. Establish Core Values: If your employees all aren’t on the same page, consistent results will become impossible. Engagement stems from being aware of expectations and having the tools to deliver upon those goals.
  3. Let Transparency Be Your Friend: It’s challenging to convince workers to invest in short-term goals when the big picture of what success looks like hasn’t been conveyed. Be as transparent as possible during meetings and trainings to foster a smarter workforce and increase buy-in from employees.
  4. Mind the Accountability Gap: A disengaged manager can be just as destructive to your company culture as a micro-manager. Consistently assess the proper balance between employee accountability and freedom. Schedule conversations to keep managers on track in keeping employees connected.

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