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Gut + Science

Jul 26, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Showcase Your Company As A Career: If you treat your employees as expendable commodities, they will treat your business in a similar fashion. Consider hiring a dedicated onboarding coordinator to set the tone early for employees: they are valuable to your business, so much that you will invest in their career long-term.
  2. Play The Numbers Game: Experience breeds a trust in “going with your gut,” but don’t make all crucial decisions based on feel. Modern technology is capable of producing a plethora of data and analytics. Embrace these tools to make more informed decisions that will benefit your sustained growth and mitigate risk.
  3. Don’t Overlook Onboarding: You’ve succeeded in hiring a new employee, but the real work hasn’t even begun. A stale, uninteresting, and disengaged onboarding process will turn away even the best hires. Strive to empower a culture of positive vulnerability, allowing new hires to express their feelings quickly and accurately.
  4. Integrate Creative Communication: It’s true: it’s now quicker and easier to communicate in the modern world than ever. This idea of quantity, however, doesn’t necessarily dictate quality or honesty. Access pain points in your communication channels and be creative when identifying the best solutions.

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  • LHD Benefits - LHD is a full-service employee benefits firm, that empowers their clients to make the best possible decisions for their employees -- to define optimal objectives, monitor outcomes, improve health, and engage and advocate for employees and their loved ones.
  • Titus - in their conversations with CEOs and hiring managers, they hear frustration with traditional recruiting. From outrageous fees to focusing on candidates before clients, the process was broken and needed to be fixed. Enter Titus Talent. Titus Talent Strategies serves its clients using passionate people, a proven process, and unparalleled performance.