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Gut + Science

Sep 6, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Behaviors Equal Culture: Your business’ mission statement and core values don’t create culture - you must put these ideas into practice. Promote an engaged workplace by hiring individuals that believe in the mission of your business and provide tangible steps for how they can live it from day one.
  2. Enforce with Principles: Enforcing strict rules based solely on compliance limits the creativity and overall impact of your employees. Strive to empower your workplace by teaching guidelines, expectations, and principles of commitment that allow individualistic solutions to breed.
  3. Know Why You Exist: A connected culture must be one that contains commonality and shared interests. Constantly revisit the “why” of your business, and share it often to rally your employees around the challenging mission you are trying to accomplish.
  4. Own Your Culture: Top organizational leaders own company culture. When they set an example, the rest of the workforce will follow suit. Foster deep pride and ownership from your staff for the guiding principles of your company by living the mission of your business while outwardly communicating these ideals frequently.

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Book Recommendation:


  • Titus - in their conversations with CEOs and hiring managers, they hear frustration with traditional recruiting. From outrageous fees to focusing on candidates before clients, the process was broken and needed to be fixed. Enter Titus Talent. Titus Talent Strategies serves its clients using passionate people, a proven process, and unparalleled performance.
  • Emplify – Are you still using pulse surveys? How about annual questionnaires? If your organization relies on either of these, it’s time to discover Emplify. Emplify has created a new way to measure employee engagement. It’s where CEOs who want to know what’s really happening within a workforce go… to get honest feedback… and to understand what needs to change for people to love their work using simple and trustworthy data.