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Gut + Science

Oct 18, 2018

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Treat Employees Like Owners: Perception is reality, right? So be transparent and share yourself and what’s under the hood with your employees. This builds trust, which directly correlates to engagement.
  2. Educate: Knowledge is power, so taking the time to educate your people on the front end will save a lot of time on the back end. Plus, you will see employees taking more ownership when they’re more confident.
  3. Have Small Group Challenges: Have teams like departments, locations, or shifts own a challenge and break down the plan to achieve it. Incorporate weekly huddles to report progress. Stay focused and celebrate each win along the way. Expect to see energy grow among these groups.
  4. Provide Employee Stake in the Outcome: Understand what is important to the individual and align their reward (e.g. time off, more pay, time to volunteer, more responsibility) with something they get really excited about. Always circle back to the individual “why”.

Full Shownotes:


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