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Gut + Science

Nov 29, 2018


Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Be aware. Self-awareness is key; it’s the foundation of emotional intelligence. So individuals, focus on learning and getting better at awareness. And leaders, bring teaching to the table to foster this ability to be more self-aware. Emotional intelligence training is something I can’t recommend enough.
  2. Maintain Balance. Make sure you’re taking enough time off work. Take advantage of your PTO time. Think about sabbaticals to rest and recharge. Incorporate personal time out. This is something we can be doing daily or weekly to build in personal breaks, even if it’s just a couple of minutes, to really regain and refresh.
  3. Know Your Seasons. Build in the time needed to refresh and maintain self-care. We all go through different seasons in life. Sometimes our work compliments these seasons, other times there’s conflict. Anticipate the busy seasons that come with your work life and plan ways to minimize potential conflict. 

Full Shownotes:

Book Recommendation:


  • Purple Ink - Purple Ink’s customized HR services will help you make your workspace JoyPowered. Whether you’re looking for help with recruiting, compliance, or leadership training, they listen to what you need and tailor their solutions to you. And look for The JoyPowered Workspace Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!
  • Titus - in their conversations with CEOs and hiring managers, they hear frustration with traditional recruiting. From outrageous fees to focusing on candidates before clients, the process was broken and needed to be fixed. Enter Titus Talent. Titus Talent Strategies serves its clients using passionate people, a proven process, and unparalleled performance.