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Gut + Science

Feb 28, 2019

 Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Take a 360 degree approach. Cross departmental integration and collaboration from every angle of employee and customer experience. Take time to think about this. How are you doing? Are you marketing to employees (and prospective employees) with the same creativity you use to gain customers? If not, reflect on ways to improve.
  2. Ask for feedback. Employee feedback is crucial. If you’re not doing it, your putting your organization at a huge risk. Be brave enough to ask for feedback and do it on an agile cadence—we recommend quarterly. That said, asking for feedback is only the first step. Next, be sure to consistently taking action on the data you gather.

  3. Use review sites appropriately. Take review sites seriously and interact human-to-human. Look for patterns and seek ways to take corrective steps. No matter what the comment, take the high road in your response—but always respond. Letting negative comments sit unanswered can repel qualified candidates looking to apply.

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