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Gut + Science

Jun 20, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. We're all human. We have to model the behaviors we want to see, but we also have to realize that we aren't going to be perfect models. We are going to fall down; we are going to make mistakes.
  2. Share before you're ready. Iterate early and often. Instead of doing something and perfecting it in a vacuum, draft up a bulleted outline or a rough idea of where you want to go with a project, and then share it with the people who will ultimately benefit from these ideas in the end.
  3. Get agreements. It's difficult to communicate clearly sometimes. Either we don't want to put in the effort or we assume the other person knows what we need. If you get an agreement, you're not leaving things up for assumption. So, if you want somebody to do something, make it clear what you want. Ask them if they can agree to that and if they say 'yes,’ now you have a common ground to stand on.
  4. What fires you up on Mondays? For Max, his purpose in life is to inspire and motivate people in a loving way. Check out your schedule and see what opportunities you have throughout your day, week, and month to get your people excited.

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Book Recommendation:


  • Emplify – Are you still using pulse surveys? How about annual questionnaires? If your organization relies on either of these, it’s time to discover Emplify. Emplify has created a new way to measure employee engagement. It’s where CEOs who want to know what’s really happening within a workforce go… to get honest feedback… and to understand what needs to change for people to love their work using simple and trustworthy data.