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Gut + Science

Oct 31, 2019

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Purpose unlocks engagement. On your spiritual growth journey, understanding your purpose is key. As leaders, make sure you know your team members’ individual purpose. Help them help you understand their purpose.
  2. The mental game is huge. We choose our attitude, and you can’t be negative and in gratitude at the same time. Try shifting your attitude with the ‘cancel-cancel’ approach Tommy discusses in this episode.
  3. Physical development journey. Physical activity can help immensely with stress management, energy, and confidence. Whether it’s going for a daily walk or lifting weights, make sure your employees are getting the physical activity they need. 
  4. Social and emotional development journey. Don’t live in isolation - it’s important to build relationships and meet new people. Spend time listening to and understanding others. 
  5. Embrace feedback daily. Having a culture of feedback on your team can embrace transparency. 
  6. The importance of reading. What are you consistently doing to develop yourself as a leader? Try having a book going at all times to further develop your growth journey. 

Full Show Notes:

Book Recommendation: 


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