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Gut + Science

May 28, 2020

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Have clarity. Get clear on the why, the how, and the what, the values and the traits to create the core of your culture.
    • [00:03:38] Jason: There has to be clarity within the organization as to what the actual culture values and traits are.[00:03:45]
    • [00:04:32] Jason: Unfortunately, we often think culture and we treat it like it's something that can just happen organically, but there has to be a clear plan with it. One of the questions I often ask is, what would it look like if you didn't have a product strategy with clarity. What if you didn't have a revenue strategy that had any clarity to it? Or how about a leadership development strategy? Without clarity, if you don't have clarity for a culture strategy, there's going to be a lot of uncertainty and expectations [00:04:57]
  2. To sustain, we have to create and implement a system to consistently execute proactive activities to drive our culture.
    • [00:03:47] Jason: we've got to sustain. The reinforcement of those values and traits to everyone in the organization. And that's going to be through specific kinds of employee experiences that are designed around those values and traits. [00:04:01]
  3. Measure. It’s so important to have data and to regularly measure so you can look at the ways you’re evolving and find areas to hone in on.
    • [00:04:03] Jason: we've actually got to measure what people are doing. So the things that they are learning is their transfer is their application of these things. They're learning from the experiences that are dripping with the values and traits. We've actually got to have a way to measure their growth, engagement, and activity. With those pieces of what we call culture DNA. [00:04:27]
  4. Consider a key champion to own the culture strategy for execution in your organization.
    • [00:14:24] Jason: officer or someone not running your sales or marketing teams, if we want to get serious about culture and reap all the benefits that it has, then there has to be someone who's leading the charge with that within the organization. There has to be that ownership. That accountability and that person person that's not only leading the way, but as the key person that has their finger on the pulse of the actual metrics of how things are going. [00:14:44]

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