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Gut + Science

Jun 30, 2021

What is the difference between leading a life of success and leading a life of significance? 

In his 30s, Mark Whitacre defined success as a seven-figure salary, a 13,000-foot home with an eight-car garage, and flying on corporate jets all over the world. That was a reality. But because of his involvement in one of the largest white-collar price-fixing cases in US history, he was sent to federal prison. Suddenly the large salary shrunk to $20 a month as he worked to help fellow prison mates earn their GEDs.

In this episode, Mark reveals how he found more fulfillment in the work he did in prison than in his corporate job. Hear why pursuing meaningful work is more rewarding, makes us more productive, and ultimately gives us the space to make a difference. 

Listen to the full conversation to learn how to help your employees do meaningful work and lead a life of significance. 

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