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Gut + Science

Mar 10, 2022

During Wilson Jones’s tenure as CEO of Oshkosh Corporation, he led the charge to adopt a people-first culture.

Performing cultures are good but performing around healthy cultures are even better.” 

This episode is presented by Performa (now EUA), a purpose-driven architecture and engineering firm. As you listen, you’ll quickly understand why, even though he’s retired, CEOs keep calling Wilson for advice on how to shift their cultures. First and foremost, Wilson says if the desire for change isn’t genuine, if leadership doesn’t model the behavior, and if the suggestions don’t come from the bottom up, it won’t happen. As the conversation unfolds, you’ll learn how this culture shift began with listening to front-line employees and acting on their desire to be engaged, developed and connected. You’ll also learn how lasting culture change happens through building relationships so your team feels like they’re doing meaningful work with people who care. You’ll also hear their journey of creating a new global headquarters that supported this culture shift.

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