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Gut + Science

Sep 8, 2022

We’ve all heard stories about leaders who guided people through a storm, the proverbial lighthouses on the edge of cliffs to guide those lost at sea safely home. Steve Pemberton, Chief Human Experience Officer at Workhuman, has had many such people in his life, inspiring him to capture his stories and others’ in a book called The Lighthouse Effect.

In this episode, Steve shares his deeply personal story and talks about the ‘lighthouses’ in his life, from the high school teacher who took him in when he had nowhere else to go, to a volunteer firefighter who died rescuing others on 9/11.

As you listen, you’ll learn how you can channel the lighthouse effect as a leader and have an extraordinary impact on the world. Along the way you’ll gain insight into the importance of collective collaboration and how to shift your vision as your circumstances change.

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