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Gut + Science

Feb 2, 2023

The most effective means of increasing engagement and retention, regardless of industry, is to bring people back to their why to help them fall back in love with their work.

The healthcare industry has been hit with repeated challenges over the last few years, and it has taken a significant toll on its workers. Joyce Batcheller, an innovative healthcare leader and Executive Nurse Advisor, says there are key actions leaders can take to make their teams proud of their work so they can feel fulfilled. That, in turn, reminds them that the reason they got into the profession was a good one.

Listen in to hear Joyce and our special co-host Chrissy Burke, Managing Partner at HireUp Leadership, break down how to bring joy and pride back into the workplace through recognition and celebration.

Book Recommendation:

The Leadership Trajectory by Dr. Patricia S. Yoder-Wise, Karren Kowalski, and Susan Sportsman

Additional Resources: