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Gut + Science

May 30, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Ask for feedback. You need to know what’s going on in your company. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees feel safe enough to provide feedback.
  2. Diversity and inclusion should be tied to business outcomes. If we can tie inclusion into overall business strategy and...

May 23, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. We need commitment. Before building and executing a process, it’s imperative to have everyone on the leadership team on board.
  2. We need processes. Processes help us hold each other accountable. What processes do you have in place when it comes to developing your employees? How could they...

May 16, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Master your communication process. How are you conducting your communication when it comes to both the masses and employee one-on-ones?
  2. Build relationships with your people. It’s important to truly get to know your people. Understand your employees and what they want by building a human-to-human...

May 9, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Employee engagement and customer loyalty are connected. A customer's experience is almost always tied back to how your employees are engaging with them. So, think about it - if someone wakes up on Monday and they don't feel connected to the purpose of their company or their boss, they probably...

May 2, 2019

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Educate Your People on All the Options. Bring in live and virtual educational sessions to help your employees make the best decisions on alleviating their financial load.
  2. Check Out Refinancing Options. Talk with trusted experts to give you options to share with your employees.
  3. Commit to...