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Gut + Science

Oct 31, 2019

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Purpose unlocks engagement. On your spiritual growth journey, understanding your purpose is key. As leaders, make sure you know your team members’ individual purpose. Help them help you understand their purpose.
  2. The mental game is huge. We choose our attitude, and you can’t be negative and in...

Oct 24, 2019

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Tune in to Part 2 of Tommy’s interview next week for Nikki’s full Truth You Can Act On, but in the meantime, share your takeaways and tag us on social media. 

Full Show Notes:

Book Recommendation: 

Oct 17, 2019

“You should never stop mentoring and you should never stop being mentored.”

Alison Martin is the Chief Mentoring Officer at Diverse Talent Strategies, a training and development firm with a unique mentoring process aimed at talent development, promoting inclusion, employee engagement, and social responsibility. 


Oct 10, 2019

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Understand Your Biology. As leaders, when you start to understand the biology behind your brain, you can demystify it in a way that you don't have to feel like you're being controlled by it. Neal recommends meditation as a tool to combat that stressed or overwhelmed feeling. 
  2. Emotion. Releasing...

Oct 3, 2019


Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Get Permission to Lead. Don’t assume people are ready. Building trust and building relationships with people take time - this doesn’t happen overnight. 
  2. Serve Your People. What can you do for your people? Take time to listen to your employees and follow up on what you heard. People want to...