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Sep 29, 2020

Brad Tieszen is the Vice President of Operations at Parkview Health where he runs several specialty clinics. As a part of his daily routine, he’s intentional about being visible by ’s intentional about being visible by taking time to complete patient rounds and participate in huddles with his team. He’s fervant about recognizing excellence whenever he sees it, knowing it is key to unlocking engagement. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Brad share his passion for being actively engaged and living in the moment. 

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1. Operate in the Moment
Supporting Quotes:


Brad Tieszen: “I have to be in the moment, and I have to be engaged with the tone of my voice, with the look in my eyes, and the language that I choose to use to inspire our people. And in return, they inspire me.”

Brad Tieszen: “All of our bandwidths are different, but that is where the intentionality comes in, that deliberate in the moment, onstage presence that I go back to. You just can't take that time off.You can't take a day off, a moment off, because that may be the moment of getting somebody from a six to a seven, or a seven to an eight. That moment of getting somebody from engaged to actively engaged.”


2. Recognize Excellence
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Brad Tieszen: “I feel that all human beings from time-to-time appreciate being seen, and it motivates you to keep doing it. It reinforces those positive behaviors, and those recognitions of excellence, they can be around innovation, service excellence, special care. It can be as simple as just saying, ‘Hey, thank you.’ It can be, ‘Hey, welcome to the Parkview family. It's your first day. It can be wild.’ ‘That was world-class teamwork.’ And it goes to their leader and that leader can do a bunch of stuff with it.”


3. Ask How People are Doing
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Brad Tieszen: “I will do one thing all the time where I say, ‘Hey, on a scale of one to 10, you know, 10 being the very best one being the rock bottom worst. Where are you personally and professionally?’ And I can get tens. I've gotten ones before. I can get some eights, but what I always do with that is I say, ‘Hey, you're at an eight, how, how can I help get you to a nine?’ And to hear somebody say, ‘Well, you just did. Just by asking about how I am just got me to a nine.’”



4. Be Visible


Supporting Quote:
Brad Tieszen: “My challenge to myself every day, and therefore to the others, is to get out  

there and be visible. Get out there with your teams and with your people and be visible, whether it is leader rounds or being visible through the virtual platforms we're on, you know, through a video message. Even though at times we can't be as physically visible as we like, be creative and take advantage of the virtual platform and send a video message. Do everything you can in your leadership role, regardless of your leadership title, to say, ‘Who can I recognize today?’”

Book Recommendations


  • Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics  by Jocko Willink 
  • Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Principles by Ray Dalio
  • The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon


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