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Gut + Science

Aug 18, 2020

Greg Matthews is an award-winning health innovator out to radically disrupt and improve the healthcare industry’s archaic methods for assessing true sources and patterns of influence. As an advisor to dozens of the largest and most successful healthcare companies in the world, he knows how to understand and quantify physicians’ behavior, networks and patterns of influence. On today’s episode, he shares his passion for data-centered innovation and how it affects engagement.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Engagement is about being part of something larger than yourself.
Supporting Quote:
Greg Matthews: “being able to connect yourself to a higher ideal is a big part of engagement and being able to do things that you couldn't do on your own by being a part. Of a group of people focused on that.”

2. The connections your organization requires to function don’t follow your org chart.
Supporting Quote:
Greg Matthews: “that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to throw out your org chart and replace it with a social network diagram, but that social network diagram can help you to actually understand how your organization functions on a day to day basis. It can show you where there are. Traps and blocks, uh, in communication and connection. It can show you where there are opportunities to enhance, um, communication and connection between individuals, between departments.

3. Promote the work of individuals on an organizational level.
Supporting Quote:
Greg Matthews: that doctor doesn't necessarily have to adopt social networking behavior on their own. They don't have to necessarily be responsible for emailing their colleagues to say, Hey, here are some cool things that our hospital is doing. The hospital can simply feature them in their content. Almost every employee loves to have the kind of recognition from the organization that says, Hey, we love what you're doing, and we want to feature it as a way of talking about the great things our organization is doing externally.

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