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Gut + Science

Aug 26, 2021

Amy Woodall is the President of Sandler Training Trustpointe. For the past 20 years, the company has specialized in training, coaching, and assessments for individuals, teams, and organizations looking to foster techniques to grow sales and increase clientele.

In this throwback episode, Nikki revisits  her conversation with Amy as she describes her craft as “business therapy,” providing “mental Interventions” for large to mid-sized companies. She focuses on the true core of what holds many companies back: the negative self-doubts within employees themselves. By first assessing the needs of the individual, she uses these voices together to build a more robust and accountable workforce.

She believes in the power of the engaged worker. To produce engagement, Amy strives to foster environments of vulnerability. By knowing that their questions and concerns are welcome, Amy attests that employees will take more ownership in their own personal success.

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