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The Intrazone is your bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast hosted by the SharePoint team. The show highlights usage, adoption, and how SharePoint works for you. You’ll hear from guest experts behind the scenes and out in the field. It's all about how SharePoint fits into your everyday work life – the goal being to more easily share and manage content, knowledge and applications, and to empower teamwork throughout your organization with the technology you already have. Get your ears ready and subscribe today!
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Jan 30, 2020

This month on SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop, we talk with Nicole Woon, program manager on the SharePoint engineering team focused on the "Next Steps" experience for site users. You'll learn what you can expect to see as suggestions based on what they are doing inside SharePoint sites, including Groupify.  Plus, we talk about her involvement in Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and how it helped jump start her Microsoft career. Also in the show, SharePoint roadmap updates on employee engagement, teamwork, related tech and more.


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