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This podcast is all about getting started and moving past the fears and blocks and whatever else is getting the F-- in our way!

Often times it's ourselves.

Totally normal!

Doing the things talked about in the podcast works best with a community, with support and with talking about where you're at, what you're going through and whatever else may come up. 

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Aug 29, 2023

Do you feel like your dreams are far fetched? Or that the things you WISH you could experience are unrealistic for YOU and only available to "other" people?

I have a fun conversation with Colleen Gallagher about her healing journey from a cancer diagnosis at a young age which prompted her discoveries around alignment, truth, purpose and possibility. We talk through each big topic from creating alignment in areas of wealth, to physical health and our mind. Truly all of the things that we wrestle with in life. As heavy and deep as that all may sound, our conversation was very light and practical and full of excitement and joy for life. 

Colleen Gallagher is a Heart-Centered Intuitive Business Consultant. She has survived childhood cancer and is a Global Citizen, a passionate advocate, and an academic who is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology.

Her greatest success is seeing her clients’ businesses impact the world in a way that feels good for them.

Colleen empowers leaders and businesses to come to a newfound clarity of their purpose so that they can better understand their spiritual gifts while taking calculated action to monetize their life. Her work involves teaching leaders how to use their voices on social media to attract opportunities, create freedom, and impact this world.


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