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The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies

Sep 29, 2021


Much to our surprise, even though The Reckoners trilogy was complete, Brandon and coauthor Steven Michael Bohls had another entry planned. In this episode, the SICS crew discusses Lux, the newest Reckoners novel following a different crew based in Texas! So join us for this Epic new tail! (Ha! Wait,...

Sep 15, 2021


The time to discuss Epic (heh) conclusion to The Reckoners trilogy has come! The SICS crew has followed the Reckoners from Newcago to Babilar and now to Ildithia (formerly known as Atlanta) in Calamity. How are David and the other Reckoners handling the shocking events at the end of the previous book?...

Sep 1, 2021


The Reckoners discussion continues! The SICS crew has moved on to Firefight and the Reckoners have moved on to Babilar, the waterlogged remains of Manhattan. (After a brief encounter with Mitosis, a powerful new Epic.) What is Regalia planning? Who is the mysterious Dawnslight? And what has...