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The Story of a Brand

Jul 7, 2023

How does your brand, your message and mission fit in support of Pride Month and LGBTQ culture and issues in 2023 and how are the controversies with Bud Light and other brands affecting how or whether you support in 2024? 

Today, we interview Arthur Gallego, Founder & CEO of Gallego & Co. Marketing Consultants and pop culture expert.

In this special “brand strategy” episode, we discuss pride month and the latest controversies with Bud Light + Dylan Mulvaney, Nike, Target, Cracker Barrel, Starbucks, and Google.

* How long will Bud Light be dealing with the current controversy

* The commercialization of Pride Month

* Why many brands are terrified about taking a stand

* Why the impact of how large brands react will be seen in 2024

* Brands and Risk Tolerance

* Advice for brands around Pride Month support

* Why you should spend your energy and resources on the customers who love and support you

Join Ramon Vela and Arthur Gallego as we break down “Pride month, brands, and the latest controversies” on The Story of a Brand.

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