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The Story of a Brand

Sep 16, 2022

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Shouldn't a breast pump be as elegant as an iPhone and quiet as a Prius? This questions both angered Samantha and motivated her. She also thought, “why hadn’t someone already invented this?”


For the unfamiliar, breast pumps are loud and bulky. It basically forces women to hide if they're lucky in a lactation room, but more often in a bathroom or a supply closet.


Samantha explains, “there is a tell - tell noise that it makes. They are essentially a hard plastic funnel connected to a baby bottle that hangs off the breast.” And she reminds us, "it’s based on technology that was used for dairy cows that is decades old."


In today's episode, we interview Samantha Rudolph, Co-founder and CEO of Babyation. Babyation creates a space where women can navigate breastfeeding and pumping with care, support, and products designed for their holistic needs. The pumps feature sound reduction, data logging, mobile device integration, and breast shields.


We have discussed topic such as


* Grateful for an early review from a customer which helped in validating her 6 years of hard work and dedication in bringing the product to market
* How the little things in business help validate the purpose of the brand.
* What does Babyation do?
* The pressures, stigma, and prejudices that mothers face in our society
* Why the lack of innovation for breast pumps?
* Why no one has created this before?
* How did this product actually come into the market?
* Advice for entrepreneurs
* What’s better a software or hardware business
* How the app works and why it’s so cool
* The special features of the Babyation products?
* Innovation: You can lie down when you use the breast pump!
* What did other breast pumps fail to do?
* The ultimate result of Babyation: liberating women
* Their give back program


Join Ramon Vela and Samantha Rudolph as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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