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The Story of a Brand

Mar 29, 2022

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Banish is on a mission to make every person feel confident - with or without acne, says Daisy Jing, Founder and CEO of the skincare brand.


"When I had my experience with acne, I felt like I needed to hide," Daisy says. "I couldn't leave my house. I had to wear ten layers of makeup. But our mission is to make everyone feel confident about who they are, regardless of their skin condition."


Daisy's journey began in college when she started recording YouTube videos reviewing various skincare products. She found that she had developed a loyal following and then began formulating products on her own. Banish essentially started when she started shipping those products out to followers.


"There wasn't like a huge business plan ... I had intentions of going to med school, all of that. I just wanted to help people with their problems. I solved mine. I wanted to help others," Daisy says. "And that's how Banish was born."


Her advice to others is just starting a brand: Take it one step at a time, and don't be distracted by things that don't help your business. Focus on the basics of business.


In Part 1, Daisy talks about:


* Gratitude toward one of her earliest hires.
* Her experience of having acne since the third grade.
* Why it's not the way you look that matters; it's how you feel that's important.
* Her company's philosophy about social media.
* How her YouTube reviews of skincare products sparked the idea for the brand.
* The discouragement she got from those around her when first dreaming up the brand.


Join Ramon Vela and Daisy Jing as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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