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The Story of a Brand

Nov 21, 2023

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In this episode, we interview  Mahara Inglis, the CEO of MitoQ, a New Zealand-based company at the forefront of the cellular health movement. 

MitoQ is uniquely designed to target cell stress, helping you unlock more energy, faster exercise recovery, and healthier aging - empowering you to embrace life on your terms.


* MitoQ's challenges during the pandemic and supply chain difficulties

* Discussion on the MitoQ core product, a patented molecule that improves cellular health and offers various benefits

* Benefits of cellular-level supplements and the positive feedback for a recently launched product for adrenal health

* His personal experiences regarding improved energy levels, focus, and calmness while taking the supplement were shared

* Why they’re Aiming to become a leader in the cellular health category

* Their focus on adrenal, blood sugar, heart, liver, eye, and joint health

* Engaging people in conversations about cellular health and offering tailored products.

* Societal trend towards longevity and the potential for cells to regenerate

* Emphasis on a holistic approach to health

* MitoQ's dedication to healthy aging and cardiovascular health, particularly in women

* The importance of educating consumers about the product's science and human benefits
Join Ramon Vela and Mahara Inglis as we break down the inside story of MitoQ on The Story of a Brand.

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