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The Story of a Brand

Feb 1, 2024

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Today, host Ramon Vela interviews Jason Ryder, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Oobli. Oobli makes seriously sweet proteins changing the world, one bite at a time. 

Sweetness from protein—not sugar—is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for! They’re good for your body and the planet, but their fantastic taste will keep you coming back. It’s gut-friendly, diabetic-friendly, all flavor, no compromise win we all deserve.

Try their NEW Sweet Tea with only 7 grams of sugar—no weird stuff. 


* Jason's Gratitude Story

* Climate, Food, and Health are joined at the hip

* Jason’t Aha moment when he realized his mission in life

* What are Sweet Proteins?

* Why aren't more people using Sweet Proteins?

* Why did you choose beverages, and what other products are coming?

* Connecting the Climate to our sugar problem.

* How can we solve problems across climate, food, and health when we're sick?

* Are Sweet Proteins and your products diabetic-friendly?

* Building a consumer-facing company has been more challenging than the science

* A review of the sweet teas and chocolates available from Oobli

* And so much more… 

Join Ramon Vela and Jason Ryder as we break down the inside story of Oobli on The Story of a Brand.

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