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The Story of a Brand

Jul 28, 2022

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Brittney Ogike's goal in creating Beauty Beez was to alleviate all the pain points she experienced as a person of color shopping in beauty stores. That includes the design of the space, the organization of products, and access to an employee who understands a consumer's unique needs.


"Customer service is my top priority," Brittney says. "Typically, going into a beauty supply store, you're not greeted - you essentially have to fend for yourself. ... I wanted to make sure that our sales associates and our team members in the store are very knowledgeable about the unique characteristics of textured hair or melanin skin. So you'll come into our store and shop with a sales associate with the knowledge and skills to understand what you need."


Along with customer service, the clean skincare and clean beauty brands are concepts dear to Brittney and on her mind as new products are developed.


"There's been this huge influx of clean beauty brands, clean skincare, clean makeup," she says. "I'd love to see more clean haircare innovation because I think that's the trend. Our culture and community are becoming more educated thanks to brands and stores like us on what's in their beauty products."


One goal still in the works is to create a seamless omnichannel experience, Brittney says.


"When a customer walks in, I want the customer in Texas or New York to have that same experience when shopping online," she says. "Some things are launching soon that will help mimic that experience."


Brittney has this advice for fellow entrepreneurs who are just starting their brands.


"Just tap into your network," she says. Ask for help. Don't be afraid to talk about your idea, she says.


In Part 2, Brittney talks about:


* Why it's challenging to start a brand as a person of color.
* Tackling the pain points of beauty shopping.
* The importance of customer service.
* The importance of avoiding harmful ingredients.
* A tour of the brand's website.
* The need to create an omnichannel experience.
* Plans, including implementation of a forum for feedback.
* Advice for other entrepreneurs.


Join Ramon Vela and Brittney Ogike as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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