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The Story of a Brand

Jun 7, 2024

In this episode, Ramon Vela interviews Co-founders Aaron Steinberg, MA, PCC, and Jessica Trouillaud of Grow Together.


Grow Together is on a mission to normalize the struggles relationships face in parenthood and give couples the tools to overcome them, emerging stronger on the other side.


The platform has two virtual courses - one for couples entering parenthood and one for couples already in the thick of it - and a new digital guide focused solely on the largest marital problem in parenthood - the division of roles and responsibilities.


* They advocate for normalizing discussions about post-parenthood relationship dynamics, noting the lack of societal resources for this transition.


* Utilizing teamwork and emotional connections, focusing on balancing organizational tasks and emotional bonds in relationships.


* They stress the importance of combining empathy with effective task allocation to address underlying emotional issues.


* They encourage listeners to invest in relationships, seek support, and utilize available guides and courses to strengthen connections.


Join us as we discuss relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, and more!


For more on Grow Together, visit:


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