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The Story of a Brand

Dec 21, 2021

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In part 2, GQ Fu, Co-Founder of LTVplus mentions that the “quality of customer interaction” matters more than quantity.

According to him, technology can help in speeding things up but it doesn't necessarily enhance quality. He suggested that companies should go for a personalized recovery approach, especially for subscriptions. Collating trends and capturing customer feedback insights has helped provide more value to LTVplus clients.

Omnichannel customer outsourcing and failed payment recovery service are two main services offered by LTVplus. The company is in the process of catering to different kinds of brands. LTVplus's onboarding process lasts up to a month to ensure quality.

GQ discusses:

* Trends around customer interaction
* Personalized recovery approach
* Working with brands
* Criteria for brands
* Onboarding process at LTVplus
* Key insights and trends
* Upcoming events

Join Ramon Vela and GQ Fu as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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