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The Story of a Brand

Jun 12, 2024

In this episode, Rose Hamilton, Founder of Compass Rose Ventures, dives deep into the inspiring journey of Oyéta Kokoroko, the founder of OKOKO Cosmétiques, who transformed her personal struggles with acne into a flourishing natural skincare brand.

We explore how she navigated the beauty industry without prior experience, leveraging unique products, strategic marketing, and community support to build her brand.

Key themes:

* Founder’s Inspiration and Brand Creation
* Growth Strategies
* Marketing and Customer Engagement
* Brand Building and Storytelling
* Sustainability and Innovation
* Mentorship and Community
* Global Expansion

Join us as we unpack the various elements that contributed to OKOKO Cosmétiques' success and gain insights into building a brand that resonates with consumers while fostering sustainable and innovative practices in the beauty industry.

For more on OKOKO Cosmétiques Inc., visit:

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