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The Story of a Brand

Jul 29, 2022

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Many times, it's not fun to shop online. And it's not easy for brands to tell their stories to online shoppers. Filling those gaps is the mission of Social Chat, a service that tries to foster a natural conversation between brands and their customers.


Social Chat Founder Frost Li used her experience in commerce marketing to guide her in forming this new brand. The reason behind it was simple.


"It's like when you walk into the store if you only ask one question, and that's it, you don't get the whole picture," she says.


Frost says her experience has taught her that what consumers want most is not necessarily a discount, but they want to learn more about the product.


"We always set a coupon for all these live shopping sessions and video sessions with customers, and we found out more than half of the customers don't even use the coupon," she says. "They were convinced by the authentic content and conversation they had with the brand. It's information- and knowledge-driven, which is beautiful and surprising to me."


Frost shares the story of one brand selling anti-aging cream that wasn't using influencers. Instead, they shared the testimonial of a loyal customer during a live shopping event. His story was touching and reached new consumers.


"I feel that genuine like interactive moment convinced the users better than any form of beautiful advertising," she says.


Such live shopping events are conducted directly on the brand's website, enabling one-click shopping. After the event, the video goes into a library for future viewers.


"It's super easy to shop without any distraction during the life of the video experience," Frost says. "All the user behaviors would enable the site to provide more personalized recommendations and content as they shop in the future."


In Part 1, Frost talks about:


* Gratitude for her friends and clients for looking to her for ways to connect with customers.
* An overview of the brand.
* How she used her experience in commerce marketing to form Social Chat.
* The value of a coupon vs. content.
* A story about a customer's feedback and how that helped spread the brand's message.
* How Live shopping events work.


Join Ramon Vela and Frost Li as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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