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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Aug 27, 2018

One of the many ways humans throughout history have consulted with the numinous, the All, or God is through divination with sacred tools.

Whether you’ve been steeped in the occult practices for years or if you’re a newbie, divination is a way to begin exploring our intuitive self, a container to develop a language,...

Aug 20, 2018

"The simplest and fastest way to getting to the root of chronic dis-ease and health challenges is to press the reset button by getting back in tune with nature." ~ Venessa Rodriguez

In this solo episode, Venessa goes into seasonal and rhythmic eating, what it is, why it's critical and how to do it this summer season....

Aug 13, 2018

What does your trash say about you, and our society at large? What if all of the waste that you accumulate throughout the year could fit inside a mason jar... what would be the impact of that on our environment and what would it mean for us in terms of how we choose to live?

These are the questions that Andrea Sanders...

Aug 11, 2018

Megan and Venessa discuss the themes of this New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018: Expansion, truth, solar power, consciousness, energy, embodiment of joy, pleasure, and fun.

Chani Nicholas (one of our fave astrologers) says: “Eclipses, especially solar eclipses in Leo, teach us something very...

Aug 6, 2018

In this episode, I’m excited to be speaking with Jessica Lanyadoo, an internationally respected Astrologer and Psychic Medium, who is currently the resident astrologer for Girlboss and The Hoodwitch in the US, and Chatelaine in Canada.

We talk about the reasons behind the recent explosion of astrology into mainstream...