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Feed Your Wild with Venessa Rodriguez

Dec 21, 2022

Happy Solstice, fam! We’re joined by Megan Liebmann in this nourishing convo covering this potent time of year and turning point, as we experience the longest night of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) and move into Capricorn season. We discuss this upcoming Capricorn New Moon and its enhanced ability to bring...

Dec 13, 2022

What’s holding you back? What’s preventing you from fully stepping out into your path of “healership”?

In this solo episode, I’m sharing some of the most common and top blocks, challenges, issues I see holding healer folx back from fully expressing themselves and their gifts. We explore why fear + lack of...

Dec 7, 2022

Tune in as we explore the final full moon of 2022! I cover the heated energetic influences of airy Gemini + fiery Mars, urging us to see our past choices, thoughts, actions from a higher soul perspective AND honor, accept and unify all parts of our Self. 

Are we making choices congruent with the laws of nature, in...