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Wonderfully Made

Mar 27, 2020

Allie welcomes Communications Consultant, Digital Media Strategist, Mental Health Advocater and Miss America 2008, Kirsten Mueller-Daubermann to discuss strategies and tips for how we can protect our peace of mind and mental health during this global crisis that is affecting each of us to varying degrees. Be inspired to build healthy rhythms and routines into your day and be intentional about using technology in meaningful ways. Kirsten encourages us to monitor our media consumption, offering an inside perspective on how the media sensationalizes and profits off of catastrophes. Allie and Kirsten discuss the pressure for "pandemic productivity" and how to find still moments in your day that bring peace. May you be encouraged to know you are not alone in the struggles you are facing during this uncertain time and that God is with you in this, and even now there are good gifts to be unveiled.