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Wonderfully Made

Jul 26, 2021

Jessica Munoz, Founder and President of Ho’ōla Nā Pua, an organization fighting against childhood sex trafficking inspires us to become women on mission who make a lasting and eternal impact in this world. Join us for a conversation about the difference between what our culture defines as an "influencer" and a woman of true influence. Set vanity metrics aside and be inspired to live a faithful life right where you are and to be used by God in ordinary and extraordinary ways as you step into your unique calling. Jessica shares encouragement for when you are weary from doing good and highlights some of the rhythms and disciplines she leans on that equip her to live out her purpose. Even if you don't do what the world might consider are big things or have a large social media following, know that you are a woman of influence as you love and serve the people in your life. Be inspired to live intentionally and play a part of a bigger story as you become a woman of lasting influence in a world in need of hope. For more encouragement visit our website at and get our free guide "Whole and Free" we wrote just for you to help you walk in your true value.