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Wonderfully Made

May 29, 2023

Letting go of the opinions you and others have of yourself and resting in who God says you are is a necessary step to find freedom from personal strongholds. This concept coined by Pastor Timothy Keller known as “self-forgetfulness” can also apply to the negative relationship we may have with our bodies. Understanding and practicing self-forgetfulness has the power to heal us from body shame that keeps us from living the lives we are made for. Allie Marie Smith and Certified Life and Mental Health Coach Kassandra Baker discuss:

  • What self-forgetfulness is and how it can help you heal from poor body image

  • How to begin to fully accept the way God created your body

  • What Biblical identity formation is and how it impacts the way you show up in the world

  • The pendulum swing of pride and self-hatred which keeps us in bondage

  • How body idolatry and self-objectification keep us imprisoned

  • 2 practices you can take today to cultivate a healthier relationship with your body

  • How to be released from what others think of you as well of your own opinion of yourself

    Kassandra Baker is a Certified Health, Life, & Mental Health Coach and Professional Speaker.  She helps women who are trapped in unhealthy habits such as perfectionism, disordered eating, legalism, and people pleasing, so they can break free from dysfunctional behaviors in order to live free.


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